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Now 18, Cirio has been turning heads for more years than one might expect for someone so young.
Leading the pack is Meltzer/Mandl Architects, whose award-winning design for 57 Bond Street is turning heads as the Bowery is now being associated with modern architecture and million-dollar homes.
Turning heads and filling gay bars across this great land, the parade of beautiful men and women--and tortured, beautiful homosexuals--didn't end until the show did.
Drew, Lucy and Cameron will also be turning heads when they are due to attend the glittering UK premiere of Full Throttle at Leicester Square, London, on Tuesday.
But it's not the world-famous silver trophy the businessman is after - he wants a floral version that has been turning heads at the Chelsea Flower Show.
He made one of the station's former on-air talents the marketing director, and WRR began turning heads as it gave away trips and motorcycles, and held Halloween bashes and opera Karaoke contests.
SUPERSTAR Rihanna is used to turning heads in revealing outfits - but going shopping in a swimsuit was excessive even by her standards.