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"So yeah, it is an amazing situation to be in but for the club, a club of this size which people do not expect a lot from, to be in the position we are in will be turning heads.
This development has been a real trailblazer, in the marketplace and turning heads before anyone had though that Home Information Packs might show us the error of our old-fashioned ways.
Anthony Asiamah, 29, who helps to run the business with his dad Tony, said the shark was not unusual, but it was turning heads. He said: "Some fishermen went out, probably around 10 miles off the coast, and caught this shark.
Turning Heads: Portraits Of Grace, Inspiration And Possibilities showcases a collection of original photographs by fifty-nine photographers whose subject is women of all ages and from all walks of life who have lost their hair because of the chemotherapy necessitated by their fight against cancer.
Now 18, Cirio has been turning heads for more years than one might expect for someone so young.
Leading the pack is Meltzer/Mandl Architects, whose award-winning design for 57 Bond Street is turning heads as the Bowery is now being associated with modern architecture and million-dollar homes.
Turning heads and filling gay bars across this great land, the parade of beautiful men and women--and tortured, beautiful homosexuals--didn't end until the show did.