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Year after year, the state ranks near the bottom nationally in electoral participation, with turnout dipping even lower during non-presidential elections.
The highest turnout was recorded in the Famagusta district where 77.
And when turnout is low, it's those dedicated Tory voters who are more likely to make the trip to the polling stations.
In my practice as a dance physical therapist, it became clear that a scientific approach to measuring turnout would help dancers.
Therefore, quantifying a dancer's turnout involves understanding not only their hip range of motion but also their hip strength.
The turnout has already surpassed the voter turnout at the last referendum held in Bulgaria in 2013, which stood at slightly above 20 %.
New Head hardened 115 pound, #10 turnout package rail to AREMA Specifications for the left hand and right hand stock rails to replace original rail in the embedded track area on the Blue Line per attached drawing.
Voter turnout for the May 19 election has edged to greater than 20 percent, making it likely that about a third of Lane County's voters will have cast their ballots by Tuesday's 8 p.
According to data compiled by the Pew Research Center, the second highest turnout rate among advanced countries is in Turkey, with 86.
According to a new analysis by Latino Decisions, a Hispanic political research organization, the 2014 midterm elections -- when Republicans took control of the Senate -- saw generally low voter turnout.
THE Southern Governorate saw the highest turnout of voters in the first round of the general election on Saturday.
LIVERPOOL city centre has the lowest voter turnout in the country, shocking new figures show.