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TURNPIKE. A public road paved with stones or other hard substance.
     2. Turnpike roads are usually made by corporations to which a power to make them has been granted. The grant of such power passes not only an easement for the road itself, but also so much land as is connected with it; as, for instance, for a toll house and a cellar under it, and a well for the use of the family. 9 Pick. R. 109. A turnpike is a public highway, and a building erected before the turnpike was made, though upon a part out of the travelled path, if continued there is a nuisance. 16 Pick. R. 175. Vide Road; Street; Way.

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One of the newest and largest industrial developments in South Florida, Turnpike Crossing encompasses 67.
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TEAMS has delivered accurate financial forecasts and, as an added benefit, saved the Turnpike Enterprise millions of dollars in maintenance and operating costs.
Both the Turnpike Authority and Mack-Cali were represented in-house.
Amazingly, there's a spot next to the Turnpike, less than 10 miles from New York City, which is living, breathing proof that, given time, nature can rebound from just about anything, if we allow it to.
A number of publicly operated turnpikes were organized, patterned after the British turnpike trusts of the day,(7) but even this method of road improvement demanded too much from the existing public administration.
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