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TURNPIKE. A public road paved with stones or other hard substance.
     2. Turnpike roads are usually made by corporations to which a power to make them has been granted. The grant of such power passes not only an easement for the road itself, but also so much land as is connected with it; as, for instance, for a toll house and a cellar under it, and a well for the use of the family. 9 Pick. R. 109. A turnpike is a public highway, and a building erected before the turnpike was made, though upon a part out of the travelled path, if continued there is a nuisance. 16 Pick. R. 175. Vide Road; Street; Way.

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The first deals with the carrier trade, providing chapters on its geographical distribution, including discussion on regional and local carriers, as well as the London carriers; the roles played by the carriers as entrepreneurs and by the innkeepers and warehousemen with whom they were closely associated; the varied types of goods carried, noting the importance of textiles; the operation of waggon services, arguing that a high degree of reliability was achieved; the way in which packhorses operated, pointing out that, to an extent, they complemented waggon services; and the improving efficiency of road services, under such influences as the growing number of turnpike roads and the introduction of flying waggon services.
Here he explores the transport of goods and people on English roads from the 1650s, when the stage-coach network came into existence, to the 1750s and 1760s, when turnpike roads began to affect road services significantly.
The latest book, her first for about five years, brings to life the Rebecca Riots, a protest against tolls on turnpike roads between 1839 and 1843.