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We've got more equipment now than when we started the project, but it doesn't appear so because it is spread out, it's where it's meant to be so when the team turns up to that aircraft they're ready to start work." He added: "We maybe have 15 to 20% more [GSE] than we started with, however the number of aircraft turnrounds have increased by more than 25% [during that period] so even though we have more items now, we're really just keeping pace with the number of flights here--and we would've ended up with shockingly more equipment had we left it to each ground handler to bring their own in.
But James Hughes-Hallett, Swire's chairman, warned in the group's annual report, filed with Companies House in London, that the turnround in fortunes was "also indicative of the volatile nature of the aviation business; the results of the airlines would be adversely affected, and very quickly so, by a return to recessionary economic conditions".
The turnround has been helped by a loan of $11.6bn from the International Monetary Fund to stabilise the countrys economy.
The stock cycle and investment should initiate the turnround...
During the reviewing year, the Group recorded a turnround in profitability with substantial net profits of approximately HK$707 million (2007: net loss of approximately HK$86 million) while turnover of the Group increased by 126 times to HK$1,897 million in 2008 over last year (2007: approximately HK$15 million).
The trip to Paris marks a remarkable turnround for a young leader whose behaviour at home and in the region had relegated Syria to the ranks of a pariah state.
With an average income per annum for these of about $10,000, and even growing to $20,000 it is difficult to see how the goal can be achieved without a huge turnround in the 700 million who have an average annual income of under $1,000.
While industry standard for results turnround is typically 10 days, Bodycote LawLabs offers 3 and 5 day services as well as the new fast service which is particularly suitable for seasonal fruit and vegetables products with a short shelf life.
MOOG has launched a new Fast Track Repair service designed to give organisations a vital edge in delivering the quickest possible turnround for essential engineering assets.
Low tooling costs and rapid turnround are particularly beneficial elements of this proven process.
The final staff ballot was held for check-in and customer service staff, following earlier votes in favour from baggage handlers, loaders, tug drivers, turnround managers, coach drivers and other groups involved in ground operations.
--better usage of rail cars and increase in the transport means turnround,