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But James Hughes-Hallett, Swire's chairman, warned in the group's annual report, filed with Companies House in London, that the turnround in fortunes was "also indicative of the volatile nature of the aviation business; the results of the airlines would be adversely affected, and very quickly so, by a return to recessionary economic conditions".
We have invested in new equipment too to enable us to offer a fast turnround service, which is increasingly in demand.
Low tooling costs and rapid turnround are particularly beneficial elements of this proven process.
The final staff ballot was held for check-in and customer service staff, following earlier votes in favour from baggage handlers, loaders, tug drivers, turnround managers, coach drivers and other groups involved in ground operations.
better usage of rail cars and increase in the transport means turnround,
The turnround has come since the company formed an alliance with Renault and its UK manufacturing plant at Sunderland continues to break production records.
Bartholomay indicated that Toray values its link with ITW because its iScan pulse laser origination system allows a fast turnround on origination.
Indeed, he suggests that Rocroi did not lead to a major turnround in French military fortunes.
Measure Target Intervention Point * User satisfaction 95% good+ 90% good+ with helpfulness of staff * Active borrowers 45% of relevant 30% of relevant population population * Opening hours 45 hours per 45 hours per week week for large large branch branch * Reservation 50% in 7 days 35% in 7 days turnround * Bookspend 3,500 [pounds 1,970 [pounds sterling] sterling] per 1000 per 1000 population population * IT workstations 0.
Nevertheless, the mere fact of a sea crossing may be thought of as an obstacle by some customers and might deter companies which rely on a very short turnround from considering Northern Ireland as a location.
The most important considerations were the industry (60 per cent ranking this the most important), potential market growth and turnround potential.