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certificate of deposit (CD)

n. a document issued by a bank in return for a deposit of money which pays a fixed interest rate for a specified period (from a month to several years). Interest rates on CD's are usually higher than savings accounts because banking institutions require a commitment to leave money in the CD for a fixed period of time. Often there is a financial penalty (fee) for cashing in a CD before the pledged time runs out.

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Created for lovers of music all over the world, every part of their turntables are designed to give quality sound too the audience.
Korins pointed to a moment in "Non-Stop" when the turntable functions as "a psychological barometer." This is evident "when Angelica sings of having found a wealthy husband," with whom she is moving to London, "and, as she does, she is rotated out on the turntable.
Position error is defined as the difference between the actual and the intended rotation angles of the turntable's rotating shaft, which is influenced by servo precision and measurement accuracy of the turntable system.
How do you compose for turntable? I'm not sure I'll ever know!
Designed for the company's popular Q250, Q-300, Q-300XT, Q-400 and Q-400XT stretch wrappers, the new option is compatible with both 65" and 72" diameter turntables. Stretch wrappers equipped with the EZ Weigh maintain the Q-Series' classic low profile and shipped from the factory calibrated and ready for immediate use.
The machine is programmed with a pre-defined sequence of gun array movements linked to turntable rotation speed--different programs are employed, depending on the contours of the part being processed.
The electric turntable is servomotor-driven and has encapsulated central lubrication to prevent contamination--KM says it meets clean room cleanliness standards.
At (0844 736 2705), we found the Project Debut III turntable for pounds 154.13 and also the Ion TTUSB05 USB Turntable and Vinyl Archiver for pounds 78.25.
The USB Turntable iTT 05 is an innovative record deck that allows you to take your vinyl and convert them via your PC into MP3, WAV or WMA digital files, or simply copy them to a CD.
Only a few choices are available for those wanting something budget-friendly to replace a turntable that has languished in the corner, past its prime, but who have rightly eschewed the close-and-play stuff likely to be encountered at Circuit City for fear of groove damage.
That'll cost your unit a bundle, so make sure the turntable bearing on your HEMTT crane stays good 'n' greasy.
If you do a lot of spray painting and finishing but don't have room for a permanent finishing bench, give this turntable a spin.