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Article 58 of the Omani Basic Law stipulates that a candidate of Majlis Al Shura should be an Omani national by birth, be of at least 30 years of age, never sentenced to a felony or crime involving moral turpitude or trust.
92) If it is a conviction for immigration purposes, then one must decide whether the conviction (1) contains an element of moral turpitude, (2) matches elements of generic crimes listed as an aggravated felony, or (3) matches the other enumerated crimes in the INA.
The new legislation will consider smuggling to be trafficking, and therefore a crime of moral turpitude," said Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb in a Sunday press statement.
It is a measure of the moral turpitude of this government that it's taken four years and three months for a Tory politician to resign on a matter of principle, as Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi has done over Israel's barbaric bombing of Gaza.
The Blue Book Commissioners of the mid-19th century took a similar line and thought the Welsh language was the cause of our moral turpitude no less
Before the PTI announced legal battle against the PM, Arsalan Iftikhar, son of former chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, had also sought copies of Imran's nomination forms for what he described as PTI chief's alleged moral turpitude.
authorities may refuse passengers admission for various reasons, including drug use and "moral turpitude.
Most of the Pakistani prisoners have been sentenced for drug trafficking, murder, rape, theft, offenses involving moral turpitude, forgery and fraud.
1600670) Daily News , but crimes that include dealing with drugs, aggravated felonies and those involving moral turpitude are the ones that are deportable.
Also, they should not be convicted or found involved in cases of moral turpitude.
Cypriot presidents have immunity during their term except for high treason, dishonourable offences or an offence "involving moral turpitude.
Liberman has stated that, if convicted, even without moral turpitude and a jail sentence, he would quit politics entirely.