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TUN, measure. A vessel of wine or oil, containing four hogsheads.

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Members of TUT were engaged by BDS South Africa, the Embassy of Palestine, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) as well as a group of Jewish Israeli citizens who are opposed to their country's occupation of Palestine.
TUT would like to welcome all first years accepted for study and who have been descending on our campuses from early this morning for subject registration, to receive their timetables and to arrange for residences.
Under the Tut-plan each government gets the equivalent of 10 percent interest on the $1 billion leasing fee out of the $100 million a year Tut rakes in currently.
In the tent of purification the Osiris priests are finishing the embalming ritual on the dead Pharaoh when young Tut Ankh Amon and his half-sister Ankhesen Amon are caught watching by their grandmother Tiye.
While Egypt's chief archaeologist Zahi Hawass says Tut was well developed, even he cannot ignore the fact that the king's member is no longer attached to the mummy.
Tut was afflicted with a cleft palate, mild clubfoot in his left foot and other bone ailments.
Esta evaluacion consiste en relacionar los elementos que oferta cada unidad de tierra cor la demanda que exige cada TUT, en terminos de sus requerimientos agroecologicos, a fin de obtener una clasificacion de la aptitud en cada TUT para cada unidad de tierra.
The mummified body of King Tut remains in Egypt but around 200 phoney pharaohs were on hand to take his place.
Explain to your friend that King Tut was a boy King who lived over 3000 years ago in Egypt.
Mobile and Internet broadband communications company Motorola Inc (NYSE: MOT) announced on Friday (30 March) that the company has completed its acquisition of Tut Systems Inc (Nasdaq:TUTS), a provider of content processing and distribution products for deploying next-generation video and Internet Protocol (IP) services over broadband networks
The rise in anti-social behaviour, she reckons, is down to the fact that not enough people tut at youngsters anymore, and they're consequently not embarrassed about smashing car windows and so forth.
Tut Systems' Astria(R) content processors (CP) power more than 150 IPTV systems worldwide.