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TUN, measure. A vessel of wine or oil, containing four hogsheads.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The current controversy surrounds the head bust -- a brown quartzite head of the young King Tut, which according to Egyptian officials was stolen from the (https://intrepidberkeleyexplorer.com/Page9C.html) Karnak temple in 1970.
Tut is a young man playing football and wearing pharaonic Nemes -- in reference to the Egyptian ancient history -- and the red-coloured kit of Egyptian national team and the African map on his chest.
The functionality of TUT was first demonstrated at the 12th Azerbaijan International Agriculture Exhibition, which was held on May 16-18 this year.
The chairperson of TUT's Institutional Forum, Gugu Xaba, welcomed the decision of his university: "TUT is joining other human rights respecting institutions including our colleagues at the University of Johannesburg who also terminated their relations with Israel in 2011.
Strangely, the bite on Carnarvon's left cheek was in the same spot as a wound on Tut's face.
Med shot, Tut Kiel Tut, a South Sudanese Internally Displaced Person (IDP), walking outside his accommodation
While archeologists had stumbled upon King Tut's tomb in 1912, they continued combing the valleys of Egypt.
This inconsistent role of shifting positions without regards to the root cause and for apparent reasons has been a significant factor in delaying resolution of the conflict," Tut said on Friday.
Home by night, most nights, he begins his routine by washing and brushing Tut. Then he feeds muskrat potato peels or corn kernels, sometimes coffee beans when there's extra.
Fourteen-year-old Tut has lived for thousands of years, but being an immortal teenage demigod is not easy, even with mythical powers and a legion of tiny shabtis to serve him.