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An independent samples t-test for unequal variances was calculated comparing the mean scores of tutored (n=44) versus nontutored students (n= 755) on Academic Success in Developmental English courses (total As, Bs, and Cs) for Fall 2011 (see Table 1).
Neville (1999) found the tutorless groups identified fewer learning issues compared with tutored groups.
In the end, the tutees in the experimental program earned significantly higher grades in the subjects in which they were tutored, passed more courses, and had better attendance records.
Peer tutored students performed better than students who received no peer tutoring.
I found that when our non-English majors tutored students on literary analysis papers, sometimes they didn't encourage students to abandon plot summaries, and sometimes they were dumbstruck when faced with feminist or historical/cultural readings of texts.
High school students tutored them, 30-45 minutes a day, for four days a week.
I had previously tutored in a writing center and worked in a managerial capacity as chair of an English department.
If he were in a situation where he was being tutored and he began to cry, he would want the tutor to "ask me why I was crying, and listen and care.
Leslie had taught for a year in our composition program and had tutored at another institution.
I was able to see more of a progression with the students that I tutored because I saw them in class as well as seeing them one-on-one for tutoring.
Questionnaires went to twenty-one students from elementary schools, high schools, and colleges in New Jersey, North Carolina, and California; to both traditional and nontraditional students; to people who have never been tutored and to people who have been tutored; to both ESL writers and to writers for whom English is the first language; and to younger tutors.