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Identifying the most popular online tutorials for tools such as the MySQL database, PHP and Javascript via Google, the researchers then cross-checked the content of these tutorials with standard guidelines.
The questions also serve to emphasize important points in the tutorial.
It is an Experimental, open labeled study where 150 students as participants (batch 2012) were sequentially subjected to traditional tutorial and modified tutorial i.
Once the tutorial and audio are synchronized, move along to Step Four, in which you can add special features such as screen zooms and/or spotlights to draw the viewer's attention toward a particular part of the screen.
If another client is waiting, the first client unfortunately has to be told that the tutorial does, in fact, need to end.
If your tutorial is about searching the databases for literature or about what constitutes plagiarism, you may approach the subjects differently.
These new SolidWorks tutorials are available at www.
develop an online information literacy tutorial in partnership with information technologists.
Again, there is no need for all staff members to complete a tutorial at one time.
Successful completion of the CCMM four-day skill-building Tutorial.
Each tutorial has been reviewed by at least two international subject experts.