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But what is there behind the leading-article but prejudice, stupidity, cant, and twaddle? And when these four are joined together they make a terrible force, and constitute the new authority.
Former St Mirren midfielder Kevin Twaddle has been named interim boss of East of Scotland League outfit Dalkeith Thistle.
Twaddle, medical director of the Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter in Glenview, Illinois, discovered a 75 percent drop in the use of sedation medication for agitated delirium on her inpatient floors in 2003, the same year she hired two music thanatologists to work on the unit.
And why not, while you are signing up to Facelessnessbook, take advantage of our special Buy Once For Nothing Get Another One Free Too offer of an account on Twaddle too?
North Shields Poly's Iain Twaddle was in close contact for the first kilometre but eventually lost contact well before the turn as Low Fell's Jon Archer, winner in 2005 and third in 2010, moved into second place.
A STUDY which suggested Liverpool might have to shrink in future years got it wrong and was "policy twaddle", it was claimed last night.
Marc Twaddle had earlier given Falkirk the lead from close range after errors from keeper Graeme Smith.
Why can't all horses win as easily as he did, it's better for the ticker Cheltenham preview Looking forward to meeting Ruby Walsh and Davy Russell at Waterford on Thursday night provided, of course, I can get through a barrage of Guinness the day before What a load of twaddle Good word twaddle, probably my favourite one at the moment, and neatly sums up how everyone should feel about the ongoing John Terry saga.
THE Rugby councillor's twaddle about "Coventry" and "Warwickshire" was not only wholly inaccurate but also insulting (July 30).
MARC TWADDLE had already taken revenge on Rangers once for breaking his heart when they gave him the boot as a 16-year-old.