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General conversation followed, and the twins drifted about from group to group, talking easily and fluently and winning approval, compelling admiration and achieving favor from all.
Eager inquiries concerning the twins were pouring into their enchanted ears all the time; each was the constant center of a group of breathless listeners; each recognized that she knew now for the first time the real meaning of that great word Glory, and perceived the stupendous value of it, and understand why men in all ages had been willing to throw away meaner happiness, treasure, life itself, to get a taste of its sublime and supreme joy.
If the twins could but do some crowning act now to climax it, something usual, something startling, something to concentrate upon themselves the company's loftiest admiration, something in the nature of an electric surprise--
It was the twins, knocking out a classic four-handed piece on the piano in great style.
But the twins ran straight on till they reached their own home.
The twin sister stated that as her brother they are supposed to help with each other.
Fifty patients with twin gestations admitted to labour ward for delivery at and above 36weeks' gestation were selected according to the inclusion/exclusion criteria.
A retrospective cohort study of twin pregnancies was conducted at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) between January 2006 and December 2011.
Categorising the twin phenomenon as a naturally occurring anomaly, Dr Sribiju has ruled out genetic factors.
One in every 32 children born is a twin (1 in 65 pregnancies results in a twin birth).
How can teachers be sensitive to the needs of twin students?