twinge of conscience

See: qualm
References in classic literature ?
Though he could steal a dog, or a cat, without a twinge of conscience, he could not but be faithful to his salt, being so made.
Oh, yes, my agonies were frightful," Becky owned, not perhaps without a twinge of conscience.
We've seen this picture before: Congress and the White House feel a twinge of conscience, enact a law to end deficit spending, and struggle to adhere to it for a few years.
Therefore, you can kill Shi'a Iranians just like any other infidel without any twinge of conscience.
Therefore I am not surprised that without a twinge of conscience some young people deface monuments of Macedonian heroes having laid their lives for our country and our freedom today.
A person who does not suffer from a twinge of conscience after looking into those eyes can hardly be defined as a human being.
We should feel more than a twinge of conscience if we are not adding our voices to proposals advocating positive change.
He had no feeling of pity and killed without the slightest twinge of conscience and the gallows remained the only punishment for him".
She has a slight twinge of conscience when she sees what a state he is in and even considers calling for help.
Watching the fluffy, light and at time ridiculous, Confessions of a Shopaholic, many, many months ago ensconced in deep, comfy seats in a theatre in a shopping mall boasting the best the world has to offer, with a group of avid shoppers I did feel a twinge of conscience.
I feel a twinge of conscience for my conspicuously consumptive behaviour, at a time when the world is struggling to preserve natural resources.
Distraught over the turning of an innocent last episode, Mitchell heads over the cliff to evil, but when he finds out just how evil the vamp plans are, has a twinge of conscience.