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These results were not unexpected because the mechanism for twist in this lumber seems to occur at the anatomical level.
She added: "For fool proof application, place the Blush Twist on the tip of your fingers first, then gently blend on to the cheeks in a circular motion.
Hi] and [epsilon]--are deformation of twist tension of i-th element and off-loading deformation of conductor-and-support cable accordingly.
I have recently been watching a TV show, and the other day there was such a twist, a twist that I did not see coming that I stopped chewing what I was eating.
More than 20 unique models of waveguide twists are offered from Pasternack with waveguide sizes ranging from WR-42 (18 GHz) to WR-10 (110 GHz).
Have a few bobby pins at the ready and start by taking a small section of your ponytail and begin to twist it.
Twist serves small and medium-sized enterprises in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
In another incident months after that, Bieber's car was again driven by Twist quite rashly and the vehicle smashed into cement poles.
Figure 8 shows how the first twist is made in the back--commonly referred to as "cocking the hip.
Frank Green at the Bartlein shop tells me that a fair number of the early orders for gain twists came from Bench Rest and Palma competitors who had heard of the twist rate study.