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For a mere puppy this offer was generous, because half a fathom of shell-money, strung on a thread of twisted coconut fibres, was equivalent in cash to half a sovereign in English currency, to two dollars and a half in American, or, in live-pig currency, to half of a fair-sized fat pig.
Ishikola, despite his twisted body, was only seconds behind him.
Straight toward the square hole of the step the square butt descended; but as it descended it slowly twisted so that square would not fit into square.
"They might a-got their fingers twisted, but they owned the best goin' in the way of horses and such."
The Vivaldianno production put a twist on the story of one of the greatest Baroque composers with the use of 3-D projections and lasers to narrate the highs and lows of the music genius.
Under the terms of the agreement, LakePharma will have the ability to offer Twist's antibody discovery and optimization platforms to their existing and future biopharmaceutical customers as part of their service offerings.
23 October 2018 - New Orleans, US-based paint and sip franchise Painting with a Twist has acquired Chicago, US-based art and wine concept provider Bottle and Bottega, with 20 studios in nine US states, the company said.
Even most 21st Century shooters still believe bullet weight is the factor in rifling twist.
We were both huge fans of Columbo and I used that sort of formula in Twist.
Sending Corry down, Judge Melbourne Inman QC told him he had subjected Mr Twist and his girlfriend Rosemary Garvey to the "most vicious and savage attack for no obvious reason whatsoever".
This paper presents a compact broadband 90[degrees] waveguide twist based on dielectric substrate.