twist the meaning

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Another element of the propaganda campaign has been to twist the meaning of "open society.
One would think the branches of government are working in concert to twist the meaning and essence of the law.
The western powers might have had to twist the meaning of the UN resolution about protecting civilians, the city of Sirte might have been reduced to rubble, large-scale ethnic cleansing taken place and thousands of civilians killed.
One of the biggest dangers is in the absence of people challenging these men who twist the meaning of the Quran.
to change or twist the meaning or sound of <He garbled the message.
You gotta spike it, twist the meaning, hit 'era where they live.
Why is it so easy for a demagogue to twist the meaning of a verse from the Qur'an and to misquote a Hadith?
Turkey has the right to opt for the constitution of its choice but nobody should try to twist the meanings of a political term to suit his needs.
US officials have emphasized such things as the need for Muslim clerics to talk often and clearly about what Islam means and how the Islamic State and other extreme groups twist the meanings of Islam.