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Celebrity even modified their dessert menu, which is printed on a Ohinged, twistable cubeO (in other words, a RubikOs cube) that guests must twist and turn to discover the tasty selections.
Pathway Lighting introduces a new "twistable" technology with a standardized socket which accepts a LED twistable lamp module from any manufacturer.
Play consists of following a series of audio commands issued through speakers by the toy, which has multiple inputs including pull-handles, twistable cranks, spinnable wheels, toggle switches, and a centrally located large round button that is pressed to start the game.
Uflex also developed an antistatic twistable PET film, which complies with the FDA and EU for food contact.
patent (#6361324) for a pyramidal Rubik's Cube toy whose twistable faces contain elements.
Clean Ring Clean, a cone mop with plastic sleeve featuring a cotton, twistable mop.
Yet, in a chapter with the beautiful title "The Twistable is Not Testable," de Jasay (3) points out, from a libertarian point of view, the absurd inconsistencies Popper entangles himself in by trying to reconcile liberty and democracy using a "social technology .
Cubix light from Goodss, a modern Chinese lantern with a twistable frame that cleverly modulates the intensity and direction of illumination.
The twistable spout and handle regulate flow brilliantly.