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Examples of appropriate disruption include twistable PET bottles for easy recycling which also reduces raw materials and waste volume; hybrid automobiles and compact laundry detergent powders and, more recently, compact liquids.
Laptop computers even evolved to resemble tablets and other portable computers, such as Lenovo's Thinkpad, which doubles as a twistable touch screen tablet.
This past summer researchers replaced an airplane's conventional aluminum flaps with advanced, shape-changing assemblies that form seamless bendable and twistable surfaces.
The cruZer6 face boasts the cutting-edge technology and performance of a Braun dry shaver and combines it with a twistable trimmer for styling and an adjustable attachment for cutting your beard to four different lengths.
The long handle gives you room to move while the rounded head is angled to reach that special place and the twistable base controls the speed.
All of these layers are fully stretchable, foldable and twistable.
Following comprehensive tests, the Cologne-based company igus GmbH has now developed a new twistable fibre optic cable for all 3D movements in energy chains, to keep bus systems working reliably.
It has a twistable kohl for precision and a smudging rubber, so you can build it up and create a more natural look.