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He smiled his twisted smile, and Maud, her eyes wide with horror, was compelled to turn away her head.
Straight toward the square hole of the step the square butt descended; but as it descended it slowly twisted so that square would not fit into square.
I perceived that I was hungry, and prepared to clamber out of the hammock, which, very politely anticipating my intention, twisted round and deposited me upon all-fours on the floor.
In a moment he had gripped me by the shoulder with a hand that was smeared red, had twisted me off my feet, and flung me headlong back into my own room.
Mukhorty, with the sacking and the breechband twisted round to one side, was standing not in his former place but nearer to the shafts, shaking his head which the reins he was stepping on drew downwards.
He was sealed like a leper, and, weazen-faced and age- shrunken, he hobbled horribly from an ancient spear-thrust to the thigh that twisted his torso droopingly out of the vertical.
For a mere puppy this offer was generous, because half a fathom of shell-money, strung on a thread of twisted coconut fibres, was equivalent in cash to half a sovereign in English currency, to two dollars and a half in American, or, in live-pig currency, to half of a fair-sized fat pig.
Ishikola, despite his twisted body, was only seconds behind him.
They look like claws they're that crippled an' twisted.
They might a-got their fingers twisted, but they owned the best goin' in the way of horses and such.
The maraschino cherry has come of age, thanks to officials at Twisted Cherries, LLC, who have introduced a line of alcohol-infused cherries to the market.
The hybrid tire cord includes a nylon primarily twisted yam and an aramid primarily twisted yam, wherein the nylon primarily twisted yam and the aramid primarily twisted yam are secondarily twisted together and after untwisting of the secondary twisting of the hybrid tire cord having a predetermined length, a length of the aramid primarily twisted yam is 1.