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Summary: A court has heard the killer of "honey trap" victim Shakilus Townsend twisted the knife after plunging it into the 16-year-old's body.
Meanwhile, Lynette vowed to protect Porter, even if he was responsible for the nightclub fire, and Dave twisted the knife further by telling the police he saw the teenager hanging around the storeroom where the blaze started.
Danny Reet twisted the knife with the third after the break to leave Smith staring down the barrel of a seventh defeat in nine.
A teenager who stabbed a man leaving him paralysed boasted that he had twisted the knife before pulling it out.
The Cherry and Whites bagged five tries to lead 35-3 at half-time, but twisted the knife with a superb 71-point effort in the second spell.
She said she wanted to see the girl's expression when she climbed on top of her, stabbed her and twisted the knife.
He tells Israel radio: 'Today the real revolution of Sephardic Jewry in Israel and the world begins", adding: "The decision of the president of the High Court actually twisted the knife that has been stuck in the Sephardic back for 52 years".
Tiger Woods clung on to add another million dollars to his burgeoning bank balance as America's golfers twisted the knife once more into Europe's Ryder Cup stars here.
Now Hareide has twisted the knife further by claiming Europa League rivals Molde can take advantage of Celtic's lack of fitness.