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It might not hit the breathless delirium of pure farce, but it's full of gallows humor, twistier than the summer of 62 and much cleverer than your average comic caper.
Nestled on the Gold Coast between Brisbane and Sydney, the route combines fast, flowing roads with tighter, twistier sections that require total concentration.
German cars are set up with steering that's stable in straight lines while British cars are adapted for twistier roads.
In Episode 6, things get even twistier for the show's central characters, the defense lawyer, Annalise Keating and her students Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor.
This is a car that loves to be driven and the twistier and tighter the bends, the better.
In Korea, Hamilton and Rosberg could only manage fifth and seventh respectively as their cars lacKed power on the all-important straights, even if they made up time through the twistier sections.
It's called Borgia (not to be confused with Showtime's The Borgias), and it's a twistier, more political take on the Renaissance-era family that produced two popes.