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In Episode 6, things get even twistier for the show's central characters, the defense lawyer, Annalise Keating and her students Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor.
This is a car that loves to be driven and the twistier and tighter the bends, the better.
They were not as fast and straight, more technical and twistier and more enjoyable to drive.
In Korea, Hamilton and Rosberg could only manage fifth and seventh respectively as their cars lacKed power on the all-important straights, even if they made up time through the twistier sections.
The petrol model in SRi trim felt a bit more at home on the twistier sections and gave a false impression it could leave the oilburner trailing in its wake, but while it costs around pounds 2,000 less than its similar-specification diesel stablemate to put on the road, figures show that its 44mpg consumption is no match for the 54mpg offered by the diesel.
Technical analysis shows the Red Bull,which has started on pole 18 times in 19 races - and won 11 of them - runs out of puff on the long uphill straight past the pits because it is set-up for the twistier infield sections.