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It will be performed at least three twisting operations for the hoist cable with a conductive element of the single twisting and two layers of armor, twisted in the opposite direction.
Keep twisting this section around your finger again and again until it begins to spring and pull inwards towards your head.
Twisting kicks can be used at different heights for different targets.
Recently I found by applying the Twisting Model theory, Williams' explanation on hitting mechanics becomes clearer and allows for a better understanding regarding movement for producing impulse when hitting.
The increase in productivity automatically leads to a corresponding reduction of number of the twisting spindles and, therefore, of plant dimension, with savings of noise, space, conditioning and lighting costs.
Using the 2005 Twist and Shout convention in Las Vegas as a lens, it reveals a world where balloon twisting crosses the line from casual entertainment to--literally and figuratively--serious business.
Twisting the ordinary two-dimensional plane into a helicoid converts the plane's flatness into saddle-based curviness.
Twisting poses, back bends, forward bends and inversions are used to stimulate the endocrine system.
According to Ben Bravin, president of Dynamex, backtwist is the additional partial turns that a single strand--already grouped with typically 18 or 36 other strands--sees as the twisting machine interweaves it with at least one other multi-element strand.
You may assure a proper movement range when twisting by taking the med-ball slightly behind the hips.
Biot had shown that some substances were capable of twisting the plane of polarized light (see 1815).