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Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) seems to be a reoccurring presence on "American Horror Story" Season 7.
'There was a lad baith frank and free, Cam' doon the bonnie banks o' Dee Wi' tartan plaid and buckled shoon, An' he'll come nae mair to oor toon.' - 'He dwells within a far countree, Where great ones do him courtesie, They've gien him a golden croon, An' he'll come nae mair to oor toon.' - No one is singing Up the twisty stair.
Hit a twisty mountain stretch and the motorcycle will feel rock solid in the corners.
The night-time road rally saw 90 crews from throughout the UK plot their route against the clock at the rally HQ at Rhug Farm near Corwen before heading off into the narrow twisty tarmac surfaced lanes around Cerrigydrudion to put their mapping skills into practice over 120 miles of classic Welsh lanes.
Summary: Computing devices do not have to be rigid and flat, but could be delightfully twisty, says John Rogers, professor of material science
For years, I've seen A-Trak around town or on television, DJing or twisty at parties, blogging on or running a cool record label, Twittering from the club or an airport--and on occasion, all of these at once.
It is the only asphalt event of the calendar and it is characterised for its fast roads on the first day and twisty sections on leg two.
DINE WITH A VIEW Drakes Beach Cafe is one of the most remote (and romantic) dinner spots in California--well worth the twisty 30-minute drive from Olema to the Pacific shore.
To find the Justistal Valley follow the twisty mountain road leaving the quaint village of Sigriswil (above LakeThun) and enjoy your journey past magnificent farmhouses, which are artistic masterpieces of carpentry.
Petersburg comes Iguan, a somewhat absurdist ensemble that mixes wiry, twisty movement and a literary bent with hilarious or confusing results.
The Bright Starts Twisty Bug ($5.99) plays 12 fun sounds as your infant pulls and twists its body.
In the 'Twisty Bowl' range, there are five different sized options--from 250cc to 1000cc capacity.