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English-lingo seg, set in turn-of-the-century colonial Africa (and shot in Morocco), establishes the off-kilter tone with sumptuous widescreen visuals and balladic music that recalls Sergio Leone pics, as volunteer nurse Martha (Juliet Aubrey, in another unwise career decision) falls for Peter (Ciaran Hinds, OK), military orderly to her twittish brother (Tam Williams), who's intent on scuppering the cross-tracks love affair.
I've spent 30-something years riding horses very badly, attending balls with braying piles of twittish hormones and waiting for my husband to provide me with the swanky Gloucestershire address where all my neighbours will be called Camilla, just because of my name.
It had usually reliable Jim Broadbent as a twittish manager - but was naff all the way to the bank.
Also pitching up is Evelyn's twittish brother Jonathan (John Hanna).