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Those transistors are made from semiconductor wafers processed to incorporate electronic architectures akin to two-dimensional electron gases.
RECOGNIZING THE HYPERSPHERE Even though a sphere and a torus are two-dimensional to mathematicians, there's no way to fit them into a flat plane without squashing them.
Square, a two-dimensional being who is whisked away by a mysterious visitor to The Land of Three Dimensions, an experience that forever alters his worldview.
A physical example of a two-dimensional quasiperiodic object is the surface obtained by cutting a three-dimensional crystal by an irrational plane.
Frame added, "Seitel, this year, will begin to conduct three-dimensional seismic surveys to complement the high-resolution, two-dimensional data that our company has specialized in to date.
In addition to geographical expansion overseas, Seitel is also expanding this year into more intensive three-dimensional seismic surveys to complement the high- resolution, two-dimensional data that the company has concentrated on to date.
Before trying to tackle the full, three-dimensional problem, they and other scientists have long been trying to fully explain flapping in a one-dimensional flag in a two-dimensional breeze.
The API is used to provide the Percept two-dimensional risk score to authentication solutions, including our partners Digital Resolve, TriCipher, StrikeForce and PhishCops.
The two-dimensional case is more complicated," Demaine says.
Viking Systems is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced three- and two-dimensional vision systems for minimally invasive surgery, and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of cameras and other components of medical instruments.
That left the two-dimensional case as the major unsolved problem," O'Rourke says.
Fritz, deals with improved methods of converting information placed directly on a physical object into PC-readable data utilizing two-dimensional bar codes and various data compression techniques, along with software and desktop image scanners.

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