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Therefore, this is consistent with the growth of the (100) face by two-dimensional nucleation growth hillocks.
The final eight straws that we have just placed allow us to fake the fourth right angle that we need for four-dimensions, in much the same way as we faked the third right angle when drawing a cube on two-dimensional paper.
FLIR sensors can use serial or parallel processing, or two-dimensional IR arrays.
Light needs to interact with the two-dimensional interference pattern in the computer to display the hologram.
The three-dimensional world is a combination of "flats" - all the shapes from the two-dimensional worlds plus a rectangle and a circle - and solids - the five Platonic solids plus a sphere.
develop a two-dimensional representation of this metal with full integration of the transport phenomena and thermochemical aspects of the cupola process.
4 History, Evolution, and Optimization Aspects of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography
In sections on graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, and novel materials, they discuss such topics as epitaxial graphene: progress on synthesis and device integration, graphene for radio frequency analogue applications, transition metal dichalcogenide Schottky barrier transistors: a device analysis and material comparison, device physics and device mechanics for flexible transition metal dichalcogenide and phosphorene thin-film transistors, group IV semiconductor two-dimensional materials: the case of silicene and germanene, and two-dimensional crystal-based heterostructures for nanoelectronics.
Iran) and Ali, with a British nanotechnology company, describe the fabrication methods and properties of two-dimensional nanostructures used as coatings to change the properties of a surface.
Two-dimensional information theory and coding; with application to graphics and high-density storage media.
These objects, which begin as two-dimensional structures, fold themselves into final, functional three-dimensional shapes.

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