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In order for NGOs to behave as platforms in a two-sided market, the decision of donors to donate must depend on the number of aid recipients.
Despite the weakness of instrumental variables, the results show that there is some evidence of a two-sided market.
Its goal is to identify what the theory of two-sided markets has to offer to competition agencies and the challenges they may face when trying to apply the theory's core findings.
Section II tries to ascertain the place occupied by two-sided markets theory in the industrial organization literature.
What distinguishes catalysts and two-sided markets from the more conventional one sided business is the interdependency among the two (or multiple) customer groups, as well as the need for an intermediary--or catalyst--to realize the full potential of that interdependency.
DE: A large part of the ICT market is two-sided, and with the advent of more sophisticated technology and content capabilities, some markets are now evolving towards becoming multi-sided.
"When it comes to one- and two-sided mattresses, Serta continues to be the only mattress manufacturer that offers retailers the choice of what they want to put on the floor," Malin said.
The six people identified as having two-sided language activity continued to do well on the picture-word task during both left-and right-brain suppression.
By using NCR's 2ST two-sided printing technology for label printing, the company is able to print a packing slip on the back side of shipping labels, changing the old process of printing separate documents and eliminating related materials such as printer toner and a plastic document pouch.
The WorkForce 60 offers print speeds of 15 ISO ppm black and 7.1 ISO ppm colour single-sided and 7.4 ISO ppm black and 4.7 ISO ppm colour two-sided. It includes a 250-sheet input capacity and is aimed at small businesses that require professional looking prints in high volume.
There is no unified theory of two-sided markets to-date, but rather different models co-exist that are applied to specific industry cases: payment systems (ROCHET & TIROLE, 2002), media markets (FERRANDO et alii, 2004), the internet (LAFFONT, MARCUS, REY & TIROLE, 2003; CAILLAUD & JULLIEN, 2003; BAYE & MORGAN, 2001), etc.
One-sided cooling creates a temperature differential between the inner and outer part surfaces, whereas two-sided cooling minimizes that difference.