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To test the model of NGOs as platforms in a two-sided market, this paper utilizes a World Bank data set on NGOs (Gauri and Galef 2003), which surveyed 310 NGOs in Bangladesh.
5) At some point, stakeholders--economic consultants, lawyers, lobbyists, and governments--will invite antitrust agencies, courts, and regulators to pass judgment on two-sided market arguments.
Through the development of this new two-sided technology, NCR opens a world of opportunities for businesses to reduce costs, customize communications and better serve their customers.
Having defined indirect (inter-group) network effects, we can now introduce the concepts of platforms and two-sided markets.
When it comes to one- and two-sided mattresses, Serta continues to be the only mattress manufacturer that offers retailers the choice of what they want to put on the floor," Malin said.
The six people identified as having two-sided language activity continued to do well on the picture-word task during both left-and right-brain suppression.
By using NCR's 2ST two-sided printing technology for label printing, the company is able to print a packing slip on the back side of shipping labels, changing the old process of printing separate documents and eliminating related materials such as printer toner and a plastic document pouch.
David EVANS: Two-sided markets are those in which entities we call catalysts bring together two (or more) groups of customers who need each other in some way, but who cannot capture the value of the mutual attraction on their own.