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44 cases were selected for the study over a period of 2 years; 41 cases had unilateral tympanic membrane perforation and 3 cases had bilateral tympanic membrane perforations.
Type-1 tympanoplasty is simple repair of the tympanic membrane without reconstruction of the middle ear ossicles.
The accurate model of the tympanic membrane, which simulates the acoustic-mechanical transmission, could improve the clinical surgical intervention [7].
Tympanic membrane perforation: size, site and hearing evaluation.
Acute bacterial rhinosinusitis has no objective physical findings, so making the diagnosis doesn't require much skill, but if you truly want to make an accurate diagnosis of AOM, you must see the tympanic membrane.
Among the relevant investigations Pure Tone Audiometry was done for all patients complaining of hearing loss, and tympanometry was carried out in individuals with complaints of hearing loss with intact tympanic membrane.
Using of the ear thermometers as the ears are cold may give unreliable results, because the environmental temperature may also affect the tympanic membrane temperature.
Chronic OM with effusion (COME), however, refers to the collection of inflammatory fluid behind an intact tympanic membrane without other signs of infection and inflammation, such as otalgia and fever.
By itself, a bulging tympanic membrane predicts AOM in 83% of cases, and impaired mobility (though the drum is not retracted) is 85% predictive of AOM.
OUTCOMES MEASURED The main outcome measure was the percentage of tympanic membranes totally visualized with or without saline irrigation.