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The results shown in table 3 reveal that Type A women have scored significantly higher than Type B women on Achievement-Oriented Attitude Scale (Ansari, 1979).
Type A women have higher achievement motivation as compared to Type B women.
The present study was designed to examine the Type A behavior and achievement motivation in professional women.
Relationships among attachment style, Type A Behavior Pattern, and perfectionism in teenage college students.
Social cues of approval: Reactions and perceptions of the Type A individual.
The Type A coronary-prone behavior pattern and reactions to uncontrollable stress: An analysis of performance strategies, affect, and attributions during failure.
Except in certain cases of eye misalignment, Type A botulinum toxin provides only temporary symptomatic relief "and does not address the disturbance in the central nervous system [underlying these disorders]," Duvoisin says.
in comparison, treatment with Type A botulinum toxin costs $400 to $1,800 per visit, depending on dosage; patients usually require three or four injections a year.
If, when injected, this modified Type A toxin successfully binds and kills overstimulated nerve endings in patients with dystonias, it might provide a one-shot cure, he says.
If you allow yourself to react naturally, you will probably drift into thinking in ways that take you out of awareness of the moment and into Type A reactivity.
24] Recognizing and countering Type A assumptions with realistic appraisals is a crucial step in controlling the effect that your coping style will have on your own and others' well-being.
Sterndorff B, Smith DF: Normal Values for Type A Behavior Patterns in Danish Men and Women and in Potential High-Risk Groups.