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As a result, the team identified 5 super luminous supernovae, and about 400 Type Ia supernovae.
In conclusion, we have presented a PHP type Ia patient with normocalcemia and hypothyroidism caused by C-308T >C (p1103T) change in the GNAS gene.
After electron irradiation and subsequent prolonged annealing at 1200[degrees]C for 24 h, the intensity of the 3107 [cm.sup.-1] absorption in type Ia diamonds can be considerably reduced or even disappeared [47].
Diagnosis Gestational Birth weight (kg) Head circumference age (weeks) (cm) GHD type IA 41 2.480 (-2.55 SDS) 34.1 (-0.42 SDS) Laron syndrome 39 3.350 (-0.30 SDS) 35.0 (0.18 SDS) Diagnosis Birth length (cm) Target height (cm) GHD type IA 44.0 (-3.64 SDS) 153.5 Laron syndrome 46.0 (-2.38 SDS) 163.5 Auxological parameters are expressed in SDS according to Bertino et al.
The Talent suprarenal crown was found to be damaged ((a), white arrow), the endograft was migrated 2 cm distally to the left renal artery ((b), red arrow and red bracket), and the proximal sealing was lost and a type Ia endoleak was shown ((c) black arrow).
Growth hormone releasing hormone resistance in pseudohypoparathyroidism type ia: new evidence for imprinting of the Gs a gene.
(4,18,19) The two serotypes that were predominant among the colonizing isolates were type III and type Ia. Globally higher rates of capsular types Ia, Ib, IV, and V have been reported.
Although SJS types IA and IB both involve a mutation of the perlecan gene, type IB is a more severe condition and, therefore, is usually diagnosed earlier than type IA. One factor that has impeded the further understanding of SJS type I is that until the early 21st century, very few patients had been studied genetically.
Glucose-6-phosphatase (G6Pase) deficiency, or Type Ia glycogen storage disease (GSD), is characterized by poor tolerance to fasting, growth retardation, and the accumulation of glycogen and fat in the liver and kidneys.
Astronomers are now discovering about 1,000 per year, and Type Ia supernova observations are now calibrated to build the extragalactic distance scale.
If the latter divides within the pelvis it is considered to be type Ia, whereas if the bifurcation occurs below the pelvic floor it is classified as type Ib (62 sides; 51.2%); type II: the superior and inferior gluteal arteries arise by a common trunk and the internal pudendal vessel separately.
Other topics of the 85 papers include mass distribution and luminosity functions, white dwarfs excepting from the Hyades, the angular momentum of isolated white dwarf stars, the link between RS Ophiuchi and type Ia supernovae, creating white dwarf photospheres in the laboratory, and the frequency of debris disks at white dwarfs.