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Molecular and cytologic studies of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type VIII.
21) The Type VIII tiles would be ideal for this purpose and the Type VII tiles, as well as creating a flame for the floor tiles, may also have been used as cresting tiles in a wainscot (Figs.
According to sources, former Bihar governor Buta Singh is trying to shift from his current Type VIII accommodation to a Type VII one, and is knocking on all political doors for this.
hight full galvanized Gantry specification as follows supply of high Tensile steel hot Dip inside and outside Galvanized polygonal Gantry with over head direction/ Advance information Signboard of required size made out of retro reflective sheeting of Cube Corner Micro prismatic grade conforming to IRC-67: 2012 and Type VIII fixed over 4 mm thick with 0.
We have already sent notices to former ministers and senior leaders occupying the Type VIII and VII accommodation in LBZ.
Tulsi, who has represented Robert Vadra in his land deal cases, was allotted a Type VIII bungalow on Motilal Nehru Marg, sources claimed.
Type VIII bungalows: It has a plot size of 8,250 sq ft and has eight bedrooms, four servant quarters, two garages besides front and rear lawns Type VII bungalows: It has a plot size of 3,036 sq ft and has six bedrooms, three servant quarters, a garage besides front and rear lawns
NOW, government's multistorey apartments will also have Type VIII flats which are only meant for senior babus .