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The methods (R, [alpha]) form the Riesz- type family for [alpha] [greater than or equal to] 0 if we take [y.
Like Optima and ITC Zapf Chancery before it, Zapfino has been selected as one of the core fonts shipped with every Macintosh Computer-all this half a century after Zapf's first great commercial success, the Palatino type family.
Audi says the letter Q denotes a new type family, alongside A, S and RS.
1%) is characterized by the prevalence of a single genotype, the Beijing type family, a family linked to emerging multiresistance (7).
Alternative equivalence scales BLS Expert Official Family type family Committee poverty budgets scales Single adults 0.
The new Bradley Type family addresses larger text sizes for use in a diverse range of projects such as posters, banners, signage and advertisements.