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A wide sensory groove runs anterior of these ridges but it is not clear if it terminates at the posterior margin of the plate as in the type species.
Type species by original designation: Papilio philemon Cramer (1775).
Generally the characters of a proposed subgenus were only those of the type species for the subgenus.
Considering that Pete Dunn has been personally responsible for describing and naming over a third of the 69 type species, and is the leading expert on the localities, no one else was about to attempt the huge task.
The variable genus Halys was first described by Fabricius (1803) to accommodate the type species Cimex dentatus Fabricius (1775).
Hampson (1896) gave only morphological features of this pest in his "Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma," and Rose (1982) described only the male genitalia of the type species of various species of Pyraustinae (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) from North India, including C.
The anterior cranidial border, eye ridges and surface ornament have not been observed, probably because of insufficient preservation of the specimen, while an ovoid shape of the glabella and the presence of the backward-projecting glabellar spine suggest the closest affinity to the type species Orometopus elatifrons as revised by Ebbestad (1999).
Specimens studied by these authors were compared with all the known genera and species of the American Pinnotheridae, including the type species of the genus Juxtafabia (Campos, 1993), J.
He chose Rivolta's Opisthorchis felineus as the type species.