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MANUSCRIPT. A writing; a writing which has never been printed.
     2. The act of congress securing to authors a copyright passed February 3, 1831, sect. 9, protects authors in their manuscripts, and renders any person who shall unlawfully publish a manuscript liable to an action, and authorizes the courts to enjoin the publisher. See Copyright. The right of the author, to his manuscripts, at common law, cannot be contested. 4 Burr. 2396; 2 Eden, Ch. R. 329; 2 Story, R. 100; 2 Atk. 342; Ambl. 694; 2 B. & A. 290; 2 Story, Eq. Jur. Sec. 943; Eden, Inj. 322; 2 B. & A. 298; 2 Bro. P. C. (Toml. ed.) 138; 4 Vin. Ab. 278; 2 Atk. 342; 2 Ves. & B. 23. These rights will be considered as abandoned if the author publishes his manuscripts, without securing the copyright under the acts of congress. See Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t.; Copyright.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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2/ Graham has written along the margin of the typescript: "There is nothing to be said about this poem."
He cleaned it on the wood and put it in his pocket" (IOT 156; typescript in Folder 278).
Comparing these two typescripts with the later setting copy typescript reveals that Sarah Bloom retyped the face copy to produce the setting copy.
(5) Emil's typescript copy of the OLSE: "copy for Emil, Maestro of Montebello."
In addition to the explanatory notes are two sections on editorial work, the textual apparatus that records variants between the typescript and the first British and American editions, and textual notes where Hussey "explain[s] and document[s] each instance of intervention" (lxiii) in keeping with the editorial ethic of the Cambridge editions: namely, transparency.
TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that combines type checking and static analysis, explicit interfaces, and best practices into a single language and compiler.
"There's always excitement when an unknown typescript is found of anybody's who is well known.
The first, published by permission of Mary Lou Knox, is the text of Holmes's "Notes on Thomas Wolfe," a typescript prepared for the opening part of a talk she gave at New York University on 12 February 1958--"to be referred to," she noted to herself, "but not read word for word." On 5 October 1960, Holmes again spoke at NYU, this time invited to address a meeting of the "John TerryThomas Wolfe Creative Writing Club." A brief report on the event in the 20 October 1960 issue of the NYU Evening News was accompanied by Holmes's article titled "Of Time-and Thomas Wolfe," an essay that was apparently read also at the 1958 NYU appearance following her introductory remarks.
--to optimize the curriculum of the subject "Sustainable CSR" and teaching typescript according the results of the analysis.
This is a facsimile of his typescript, scanned then electronically processed to enhance the contrast.
Type each footnote at the bottom of the typescript page on which its text call-out appears.
The 13-page document, a yellowed and fragile carbon typescript copy of the original, was found between research notes and German newspaper clippings in one of the boxes, library co-curator Olwen Pryke said.