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As revealed in Figure 3B, which shows the map cells that were reclassified by the CLUE-S algorithm, the allocation of annual crop areas primarily occurred in areas under Typic Dystrudepts and Rhodic Kanhapludults, while fruit farming and silviculture were allocated near water courses and were distant from roads.
Tambien se debe senalar que la mayor parte del fosforo asociado con la materia organica se acompleja con Al y Fe (Bravo et al., 2007), elementos presentes en el Typic Melanudand usado en esta investigacion como suelo natural, cuyas caracteristicas quimicas fueron comentadas (Cuadro 2).
(2007) also reported that application of chemical fertilizer alone (150% NPK) and integrated use of FYM and 100% NPK produced more amount of humic acid in Typic Haplusteps.
Changes in soil acidity and organic carbon in a sandy typic hapludalf after medium-term pig-slurry and deep-litter application.
Asociaciones de suelos de la cuenca Solani Unidad Cartografica Clasificacion taxonomica P21, Ap16, RT Fluventic Haplustepts, francosa gruesa Pli, Ap14, Ap211, P122, Typic Haplustepts, francosa gruesa P132, Ap11, Ap13 FP Typic Ustipsamments, francosa gruesa SH2 Typic Ustorthents, francosa gruesa P22 Fluventic Haplustepts, francosa fina Ap212 Typic Haplanthrepts, francosa fina Rh1, Ap15, Ap12, Ap31 Typic Haplustepts, francosa fina SH1, P121 Typic Ustorthents, esqueletica francosa P131 Typic Ustorthents, esqueletica arenosa Fuente: Soil Survey Staff, 2006
Table 1 HSG based on USDA soil classification HSG Soil Texture A Sand, loamy sand or sandy loam B Silt or loam C Sandy clay loam D Clay loam, silt clay loam, sandy clay, silty clay, or clay Table 2 Soil types according to soil texture Type of soil Soil texture Coarse Loamy Typic Dystropepts Clay loam Coarse Loamy Typic Humitropepts Sandy clay loam Fine Loamy Lithic Troporthents loam Fine Loamy Typic Dystropepts Silty clay Sandy loam Loamy sand Typic Tropudalf Silty clay Ultic Dystropepts Loamy sand Ultic Tropudalf Sandy clay loam Table 3 Hydrological soil group, land use and CN S.
Mixing acid soil (Typic Paleudults) with Clinoptilolite zeolite minimized ammonia loss from urea and improved selected soil chemical properties (under laboratory condition).
Soil type in all three fields was Milham sandy loam (fine loamy, mixed, superactive, thermic Typic Haplargids) except for one corner of Field 1, which contained Kimberlina fine sandy loam (coarse loamy, mixed, superactive, calcareous, thermic Typic Torriorthents).
Key words: P decline rate, phosphorus, residual effect, rice, Typic Camborthid.
n hat typic n g oy mlinson-n The corduroy trousers and beanie hat combo is a typical Louis Tomlinson-style outfit.
Abdul Rahman runs a one-woman product design line called Typic. Her collections feature furniture creations like the lamp, titled "Shanab" after the traditional curly 'stache, as well as candelabra, throw pillows, bookends and poufs.