typical example

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She's a typical example of the cold northern nature.
A typical example is some residents in Grove Hill do not even have a pavement - instead they have a very narrow strip of asphalt which in many places is cracked and risen.
Apple, which is a typical example of health, life, beauty and paradise, often appears in his works.
Speedwell Road from Pershore Road at the side of Calthorpe Park is a typical example.
All because people can't see Cardiff in a bad light Vicky Davies HARDLY think the Willows is a typical example of Welsh schools Andrea Pocknell OF all the schools in Cardiff to pick
The future generations of students and studies will learn about this verdict as a typical example how politics usurp the Law", said Andrej Zernovski.
This is yet another typical example of the council doing exactly as it pleases and the council tax paying Coventrian can go and whistle in the wind.
It is in many ways better than many other countries, India being a typical example, though I regret to say I am Indian.
Is a typical example of architecture of the interwar and modern movement and is made of reinforced concrete bearing walls and filling of brick.
A typical example was the child in the buggy who had to be checked by paramedics.
According to PDSH, Sulejmani is a typical example for all the abuses toward Albanians by the nomenclatures installed in the government since 2001 up to today.
In addition, the exhibit "Burana Tower" was presented as a typical example of medieval architecture typical for Kazakhstan, noted Chochunbaeva.