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The BCA conducts the majority of officer-involved shooting investigations in Minnesota, and the collaboration between prosecutors and investigators as a case file is reviewed under the statutes is a typical part of the review process," the BCA statement said.
airspace--Canada, for example, likely still will require a pilot to hold at least a third-class medical for typical Part 91 operations.
The most typical part of the day is that it always includes the unexpected
Pupils from Whitley Academy's Japanese partner school, Kamokita Senior High School, demonstrate a typical part of their culture
New requirements for Machine Tool are machining the typical part headstock SR1000, machining in continual cycle of production and minimal number of tools in automatic tool change are 120 pieces.
With clients concerning themselves with public space, it is pleasing that this is now a typical part of what we're being asked to provide.
Creditors asked for the valuation of city-owned assets, which is a typical part of the bankruptcy process.
Although a typical part of Israeli society, hitchhiking, is technically a violation of IDF procedure.
Such collaboration is a typical part of the medical profession, but most doctors in the country use unsecured platforms like WhatsApp and instant messaging.
A typical part with a diameter of 50mm and a length of 100mm can be measured geometrically with sub micron accuracy.
After spending a few hours at the Trop Stop, it is easy to see that the only typical part of a typical day is the amount of times Jeff will be called away -- whether it's a morning meeting with his banker or an early afternoon chat with a vendor.