typical performance

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The newest version of iFly Sikorsky radically streamlines the workflow of preflight calculations and focuses on reducing and automating the number of discrete pilot actions required to conduct typical performance predictions.
6 CUCO MARTINA Two events pierced typical performance.
Typical performance for these PLOs includes excellent phase noise of -105 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset, a buffered output power level of +7 dBm and low second harmonic and spurious suppression levels of -25 dBc and -70 dBc respectively.
It would have been a typical performance, if not for the fact that they were in Plaza Miranda and beside the Quiapo Church.
Comprising an IE4 motor, bevel gear and a field distribution system, NORD LogiDrive systems are said to meet all typical performance requirements of baggage handling systems.
roadmaps for 5G coverage and typical performance, as well as publish clear 5G
Additional typical performance features include an output power level of +7 dBm, phase noise as low as -150 dBc/Hz at 10-kHz offset, and low spurious output of -70 dBc.
The Wildcats of Kilkenny in typical performance pose.
By the way, a typical performance runs for about 35 minutes.
Typical performance figures for the ARC150 can be seen in the diagram below.
The integration of TokuMX with Datadog enables TokuMX users to monitor typical performance metrics, such as opcounter rates, connections, open cursors and replication metrics.
Topics include psychological scaling, test preparation and specification, reliability, content validity, criterion-related validation, construct validity, validity generalization and psychometric meta-analysis, test bias and unfairness, classical test theory item analysis, scoring tests, developing measures of typical performance, response biases, multiple regression, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, item response theory, and generalizability theory.