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typicus, with a similar trapezoid base but with a small rounded button, has been described from the Famennian of Morocco (Ginter et al.
The use of the Mediterranean calanoid copepod Centropages typicus in yellowtail clownfish (Amphiprion clarkii) larviculture.
acanthisthius, Ophioscion typicus, Carangoides otrynter, Lutjanus guttatus, L.
El-Naggar MM, Khidr AA (1985) Redescription of the monogenean gill parasite Cichlidogyrus halli typicus (Price and Kirk, 1967) Paperna 1979, from Tilapia spp.
This member of the Paleonurini species was described recently from Poland (Europe) and has only been found in one locus typicus so far.
The common sea star Archaster typicus also exhibits this pattern (Mueller et aL, 2011).
Structure and distribution patterns of aesthetascs and male-specific sensilla in Lophogaster typicus (Mysidacea).
During May 2001 Snyder visited the Lake and collected a specimen of the macroderoidid digene, Macroderiodes typicus (a Lake distribution record) from the intestine of a shortnose gar.
Ocorrem em diferentes regioes do Brasil, notadamente na regiao da Bacia do Rio Parana, tendo sido identificadas cinco variedades botanicas: typicus, bertonii, boliviensis, dardanensis e thevetii (GIACOMELLI & PY, 1981).
Dassie Rat Pettromys typicus and Namaqua Rock Mouse Aethomys namaquensis, Skinner & Smithers 1990), large and complex stick nests (e.
Arfvedsonite prevails while riebeckite (Fediuk, 2005), for which most manuals on systematic mineralogy claim Socotra for the locus typicus, is substantially less frequent and mostly restricted to narrow rims of zoned amphibole columns only.