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The ICNCP's rules for naming and describing cultivars involve valid publication, typification ("Nomenclatural Standard"), and priority.
The diversity of sheep production systems in Aragon (Spain): characterisation and typification of meat sheep farms.
Chiricos and Eschholz (2002) implicate the media in helping this typification, or association of a particular race with crime, along pointing out that when Blacks and Whites are shown in television news stories, Blacks are much more likely than their White counterparts to be portrayed as criminals as opposed to police officers, role models, news commentators, or other positive figures.
Institutionalization takes place when a reciprocal typification of habitual actions occurs by types of actors (Berger & Luckmann, 1967).
Through typification or linguistic signals of subjectivity, the sentence can be understood as "free direct perception.
However, there are other ways of applying the concept (Krekula, Narvanen and Nasman 2005), where ageism does not necessarily have to be abusive "but can be used as a concept referring to age-based typification which may have discrimination as a consequence.
So to speak, the experience of the lifeworld is a process of typification.
The portrayal of Israel, its "supporters," and "purveyors of antisemitism" as the Other of the Universal, the particularized people par excellence, picks up an old tradition of anti-Jewish typification.
Typification of smallholder dairy systems in the south of the state of Mexico.
Il n'y a pas de typification reelle du personnage, qui se soustrait a l'archetype du heros.