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She was terribly afraid that one of these days Mary, the young woman who typified so many rather sentimental and enthusiastic ideas, who had some sort of visionary existence in white with a sheaf of lilies in her hand, would announce, in a jaunty way, that she was about to be married.
The whole of human kind is typified in that one half-ludicrous and half-pathetic figure, lying so helpless beside the machine which it used to control.
She declared that her future life was devoted to acts of charity, typified, of course, by the foundling infant and the ugly little girl.
Since Kant it has been customary to recognize three great divisions of mental phenomena, which are typified by knowledge, desire and feeling, where "feeling" is used to mean pleasure and discomfort.
In fact the crimes against humanity for which he faces the death penalty were carried out while he was being heralded as our great "ally" in the region by the supposed custodians of political wisdom, as typified by leading lights of the Council on Foreign Relations who guided the Reagan and Bush (Senior) administration policies of lavishing aid on Hussein and his murderous regime.
Wednesday's results typified the quirkiness of the playoff race.
While this might recall the early years of Institutional Critique, typified by Michael Asher's removal of the wall separating a gallery's display area from its office in an effort to unmask the prosaic business operations behind art's supposedly ideal autonomy, such allusions are inadvertent.
Attribute Past Wimbledon-champ Typified in the who typified this sporting world by Confidence under pressure Rod Laver Michael Jordan Hours on the training ground Lleyton Hewitt Tiger Woods Accurate decision making Boris Becker Jonny Wilkinson Must-win attitude John McEnroe Wayne Rooney Personal support network Pete Sampras Jonathan Edwards
Briefly, protective immune responses to other mycobacterial diseases are known to depend on a type 1 cellular response, typified by interferon-gamma (IFN-[gamma]).
My wife and I urgently invite Kevin Clarke to reduce his inflammatory rhetoric as typified in his July Margin Notes ("There's no defense for this budget").
Then came electricity and gearless traction, giving rise to the next wave of high-rise, typified by the Woolworth and the Singer buildings.
Conservative reaction was typified by the Traditional Values Coalition, which called Gauvin a "victim of the homosexual agenda.