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Greatly simplified hunt & peck typing on alphabetical keys, color-coded on the NSK535R.
Easy one-handed typing of shift-characters for assistive applications, handicapped users, or just more speed, using centralized shift keys
They offer the potential to perform on a single instrument a number of quality control (QC) and product characterization assays in transfusion medicine such as ABO typing, leukocyte reduction QC, cell counting, bacterial detection, antibody screening and other applications.
4],and the resulting R-AN transconjugant showed the same lyric pattern of the typing phages as RDNC-a.
Typing Instructor Deluxe CD was the only program in the business category recognized with a Gold Apple Award.
The isolates were sent for molecular typing to the Molecular Mycology Laboratory at the University of Sydney at Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia, either as water cultures or on Sabouraud dextrose agar slants.
From October 1990 to August 2000, 1,299 bronchoalveolar lavage specimens were examined at our hospital by using the Gomori staining method; 230 (18%) were positive for P carinii (including eight recurrent episodes), among which 131 (57%) were available for typing (127 patients, four recurrent episodes).
Many serotype G1 and P[8] strains from Libya and Kenya could be typed only by using alternative typing primers, since type-specific products could not be obtained for them with conventional primers.
Two interventions were made simultaneously to enhance the overall program: a molecular typing laboratory and a weekly planning meeting.
Preparing M-type antiserum or a typing system accurately related to the Lancefield system requires documented reference strains from one of the internationally recognized reference laboratories.
Although new emm sequences were identified in a survey in the United States (5), the percentage of new strains with new emm sequences was much lower (6%) than was found with these Malaysian isolates, emm typing of a larger number of strains from rheumatic fever-and rheumatic heart disease-endemic areas is required to deduce amino acid sequences for the development of a suitable M protein-based vaccine.