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And so fell George's last hope;--nothing before him but a life of toil and drudgery, rendered more bitter by every little smarting vexation and indignity which tyrannical ingenuity could devise.
however, the American colonies had but little reason to complain of harsh or tyrannical treatment.
There are some bad nights in the kingdom of the West Wind for homeward-bound ships making for the Channel; and the days of wrath dawn upon them colourless and vague like the timid turning up of invisible lights upon the scene of a tyrannical and passionate outbreak, awful in the monotony of its method and the increasing strength of its violence.
Several militant groups are slated to stage various activities to denounce the return of tyrannical form of government under President Rodrigo Duterte's term.
Amira Lidasan, spokeswoman for the newly-launched Movement Against Tyranny (MAT) Metro Manila, said Duterte's threats of a 'political crackdown' demonstrated the 'dictatorial and tyrannical rule' of his administration.
Presiding over a party meeting of party on Tuesday, he said PAT will expedite legal efforts to get justice in Model Town Incident, and political struggle to end tyrannical system.
Sirajul Haq said that the abolition of the tyrannical FCR and FATA's merger with the Khyber P.
We are here to rid the world of tyrannical enterprises, not prop them up and make them our partners in peace.
She finds the tyrannical Red Queen has begun a reign of terror that can only be ended by slaying the monstrous Jabberwocky - a task she is seemingly destined to attempt.
These are not necessarily people who would fulfil legitimate immigration requirements, but by posing as asylum-seekers are effectively unlimited since so many people live under undemocratic and tyrannical regimes.
In Plato's Republic, the tyrannical man is ruled by an unruly desire, an eros, that pulls him toward gruesome, shameless acts, like sleeping with one's mother and murder.
ISLAMABAD -- PTI chief Imran Khan has vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state in true letter and spirit besides demolishing tyrannical and exploitative system to ensure justice for all and sundry.