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TYRANT, government. The chief magistrate of the state, whether legitimate or otherwise, who violates the constitution to act arbitrarily contrary to justice. Toull. tit. prel. n. 32.
     2. The term tyrant and usurper, are sometimes used as synonymous, because usurpers are almost always tyrants; usurpation is itself a tyrannical act, but properly speaking, the words usurper and tyrant convey different ideas. A king may become a tyrant, although legitimate, when he acts despotically; while a usurper may cease to be a tyrant by governing according to the dictates of justice.
     3. This term is sometimes applied to persons in authority who violate the laws and act arbitrarily towards others. Vide Despotism.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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And so fell George's last hope;--nothing before him but a life of toil and drudgery, rendered more bitter by every little smarting vexation and indignity which tyrannical ingenuity could devise.
Attempts of this kind would not often be made with levity or rashness, because they could seldom be made without danger to the authors, unless in cases of a tyrannical exercise of the federal authority.
During the reign of Charles II., however, the American colonies had but little reason to complain of harsh or tyrannical treatment.
There are some bad nights in the kingdom of the West Wind for homeward-bound ships making for the Channel; and the days of wrath dawn upon them colourless and vague like the timid turning up of invisible lights upon the scene of a tyrannical and passionate outbreak, awful in the monotony of its method and the increasing strength of its violence.
The staff of NAB reiterated their commitment to stand with their Kashmiri brethren against the tyrannical forces of India, saying that Pakistan will never let down Kashmiris in the hour of trial.
Legit.ng gathered that the literary icon, however, noted that some people feel more comfortable under tyrannical forces because they feel that if they just endure such forces, they might go away in the end.
HYDERABAD -- Office-bearers of All Pakistan Organisation of Small Traders and Cottage Industries have said that traders will not accept tyrannical laws because these laws will open new ways of corruption for the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) officials.
The sun may have set on direct rule by the British Raj, but its legacies and tyrannical abuses continue to be adopted by New East India through natives who take pride in being remnants of the Raj - either being descendants of former members of the Unionist Party, or beneficiaries of the system they left behind.
Ramallah, Dec 16 (Petra) -- Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sunday condemned constant Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, stressing that this is in line with Netanyahu's announced plans to push forward with the controversial "Settlement Regulation Law" and his other tyrannical measures.
"And as already stated by others, this is a prelude to the declaration of nationwide martial law by the Duterte regime to perpetuate his tyrannical rule,'' Lozande said.
Emmi de Jesus agreed with Colmenares, saying the treatment of activists as criminals showed the tyrannical rule of the Duterte administration.
Helen's still a cracker in villain role HELEN Mirren brings glamour to the role of evil Mother Ginger in upcoming Disney film The Nutcracker and The Four Realms - despite the unkempt red wig and tyrannical glare.