tyrannical leader

See: dictator
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It's based on the novel trilogy about a reluctant heroine, Katniss Everdeen, a 16-yearold girl from one of 13 impoverished Districts who, after winning the death match known as The Hunger Games, leads a rebellion against the tyrannical leader of the wealthy Capitol.
Not fitting into any camp are the Divergents, which Kate Winslet's tyrannical leader rules to be a threat to society.
While there, he becomes entangled in the country's long-simmering civil war between a rag-tag rebellion called the Golden Path and tyrannical leader Pagan Min.
If you can possibly avoid being condemned to death by the tyrannical leader of a country with death squads at his service, I highly recommend you do so," he joked, saying that the "novelistic quality" that his life took on after "Satanic Verses" came out made for "a good story, but not a very good life.
Naming their group The Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, the women rallied daily in nonviolent demonstrations at the fish market in Monrovia; then they petitioned the corrupt and tyrannical leader Charles Taylor to begin peace negotiations.
I THINK North Korea is a better place now its tyrannical leader Kim Jong-il is dead.
It turns out CLU is now the tyrannical leader of the Tron digital world and plans to use the portal to extend his reach into the domain of the users.
Wenesa "If this tyrannical leader like Al Bashir that called himself President for all Sudanese cannot think about his own people, then let him feel what the people are feeling.
But it soon became apparent that the tyrannical leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was telling the truth and that Vice President Dick Cheney and his puppet, President George W.
Other historical figures are revealed in this drama including Brigham Young, a devoutly religious and ravenous tyrannical leader who pulled the strings to create this catastrophe and then, says Capurro "swept it under the rug.
Iraq was the best candidate, because Iraq had a vast oil supply, it was a warm-water port with 72 airfields in the middle of the Middle East, it was under UN sanctions, its tyrannical leader had tried to assassinate Bush's father, and Bush's key advisers had been long determined to overthrow it.
They were men who were fighting for their country, many of them were doing so against their wishes, forced to take up arms by a tyrannical leader.