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TYRANT, government. The chief magistrate of the state, whether legitimate or otherwise, who violates the constitution to act arbitrarily contrary to justice. Toull. tit. prel. n. 32.
     2. The term tyrant and usurper, are sometimes used as synonymous, because usurpers are almost always tyrants; usurpation is itself a tyrannical act, but properly speaking, the words usurper and tyrant convey different ideas. A king may become a tyrant, although legitimate, when he acts despotically; while a usurper may cease to be a tyrant by governing according to the dictates of justice.
     3. This term is sometimes applied to persons in authority who violate the laws and act arbitrarily towards others. Vide Despotism.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But when God's help arrives and man is returned to his normal state of comfort, he then reverts to his old ways: of ascribing partners to God (Q 6:64, 29:65), acting tyrannically upon the earth (Q 10:23), and being ungrateful for all that God has done (Q 17:67).
The geographic chart of the protests reflect the outrage of all Iranians regardless of their religious and ethnic backgrounds, as they are all treated unjustly and tyrannically by the country's dictatorial leaders.
The event created a wave of anti-government protests across the Middle East which resulted in the overthrow of despotic rulers, who had ruled tyrannically for decades.
Here is the second long passage set in a poetry workshop tyrannically directed by one Julio Cesar Alamo.
Nearly a century later, in his Libro de buen amor's own moralization of the seven deadly sins, Juan Ruiz recounts a recasting of an oriental fable of a hubristic lion who, while young, tyrannically wields power in the jungle.
'He has indulged in favoritism and tyrannically abused his power,' the complainants said.
(Some of these--a balanced-budget requirement, de jure independence for the central bank--did make it in.) She then segues to aspects of the eventual constitution that cemented Pinochet's power and tyrannically restricted political participation, without giving proof that Buchanan suggested any of them.
These statements are expressed while an overwhelming majority of the people of Iran expressed their [views] by voting, and at the same time the White House is supporting the countries that are being governed wholly tyrannically [with the aim] of plundering the oil revenues of the region."
For their part, Georgia settlers often accused Trust officials of acting tyrannically. An early example can be seen in the case of Elizabeth Bland, who changed her mind about settling in Georgia after arriving.
Historically leadership has been about amassing power in order to operate paternalistically at best and tyrannically at worst.
Still, the Constitution restricted the states in important ways that did help, though imperfectly, to restrain the majority from acting tyrannically. By dividing power between the states and the federal government, the Constitution created a "compound republic" in which power "is first divided between two distinct governments"--state and federal--"and then the portion allotted to each subdivided among distinct and separate departments." This would give "a double security...
The ancient, sovereign alethurgy of the gods (oracular consultation) meets the emergent, testimonial alethurgy of the servants (interrogation) between which the King's veridiction is tyrannically blind to the sumbolon of his patricide and his birth (GoL, 34-40):