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Nor is it only the serving staff who can be tyrannised, for the chef's territory also includes the restaurant itself.
David Sackett stated: 'Without clinical expertise, practice risks becoming tyrannised by evidence, for even excellent external evidence may be inapplicable to or inappropriate for an individual patient'.
She's asking me to believe that this superwoman has become a wretched little creature, a tyrannised wife who is forced to slave over a hot stove by her heartless multi-millionaire husband, crawl on all fours to the lavatory because he says no to a potty and walk home because she's unable to summon up a car.
But his spirit was still strong, spotting quickly how political correctness tyrannised free expression.
Leila, who is contemptuously tyrannised by her younger male relatives and pursued by suitors who would offer her the same life of drudgery under a different roof, dreams of 'a way out', a career as a teacher, or a husband who would whisk her off abroad (with no extended family in tow).
SADDAM could face the trial of the century in the country he tyrannised for 30 years.
They're already being tyrannised by the thin-is-best message in every advert and magazine they see.
The terrible war in Iraq is supposed to be about bringing a democracy to a society once tyrannised by Saddam.
WAKING UP IS HARD TO DO 'It is a sad fact that from early childhood, we are tyrannised by the moral myth that it is right, proper and good to leap out of bed the moment we wake in order to set about some useful work as quickly and cheerfully as possible,' he laments.