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We have no idea exactly what emerged from such interbreeding but apparently in some cases it led to a sort of 'giantism', Nephilim and benei anak, who proceeded to terrorize and tyrannize others.
The Arab political entities prefer to manage the next election on the basis of Arabic sects that abide by the idea of Arabic nationalism, which existed over the 80 past years in Iraq to tyrannize Kurds, Mantik explained.
Profoundly undemocratic (a minority of a third can tyrannize the majority), the two-thirds rule mixes like a witch's brew with California's penchant for special-interest ballot initiatives that distort budget-making.
He dares to make a stand against those who would tyrannize the weak, culminating in a battle against a chaotically malevolent Baron and his martial arts expert sister, (with an amusingly indecent finale
It doesn't target the oppressors, but the "go along to get along--or to prosper" crowd who enable the oppressors to tyrannize.
His casting of a middle-aged Goneril (Nancy Palk) and Regan (Brenda Robins) to tyrannize the visibly-younger Cordelia (Patricia Fagan) hinted at a bitterness that found its origins in blended family life.
Conrad, in discussing Walser's attack on the unnamed "Meinungssoldaten" who allegedly tyrannize public discourse on the Holocaust, makes the rather extreme claim that "Walser is doing exactly what the Third Reich did, that is, depicting Jews as the oppressors of Germans"--since most of the intellectuals to whom he refers are non-Jewish Germans.
Second, the academy seems to tacitly accept that one religious culture--90 percent of cadets are Christian--may tyrannize the other.
Even more crucial, Wollstonecraft's novels not only analyze the social and psychic conditions that tyrannize, even dehumanize, women but, in and through their modes of representation, gain sympathy for women's situation and thus a precondition to changing it.
Another example is the view that in the absence of trade unions, employers will not exploit or tyrannize their employees.
Whether to tyrannize or simply tidy up, sweeping away newspapers diminishes access to a free press