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Neither any action is being taken on massacring nor is the voice of tyrannized people is being heard, he underlined.
Then the regime simply tyrannized through contempt of ordinary folks.
Suchet shows all of James' mood swings, but that degree of measured intent is antithetical to a man who has tyrannized his family for decades.
The Saudis entered Bahrain where the population is being tyrannized and large-scale arrests are taking place.
He stressed that there can be no justice for those alive whose martyrs are tyrannized.
We look at the case of the tyrannized Palestinian people as our own case.
The later stories document how the party tyrannized its citizens, suffocating their lives.
Netanyahu "piled on her impossible tasks, tyrannized her and screamed at her.
Psychiatrist Chester Pierce coined the term "offensive mechanisms" in an essay published in 1970, which posits that the sum of these micro-aggressions "assure that the person in the inferior status is ignored, tyrannized and terrorized.
Ludlow escapes to a village outside of town, a place tyrannized by a greedy landlord.
If this could be achieved by the repugnant Nazis using starved, tyrannized, and deathly ill slaves, free American workers and entrepreneurs should be able to do infinitely better today.
Tyrannized by their overscheduled lives, distracted by money and possessions, celebrity and sport, or preoccupied with simply keeping their heads and those of their children above water, too many Americans live believing the state of the world does not concern them.