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The Israeli government tyrannizes all Palestinians, both in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip.
Appropriately so, since as most of us know, Scrooge is a cold-hearted miser who tyrannizes his poor, hard-working clerk, Bob Cratchit, ably played by Christopher Chew.
The patron tyrannizes the narrator's time; moreover, his use of the narrator's ragtime reveals the extent to which the patron himself feels tyrannized by time.
There is Sanaz, whose misogynist, domineering younger brother tyrannizes her.
The Shire does not escape the dreadful consequences of the War of the Ring: Before Frodo and Sam return home, Saruman brutally exploits and tyrannizes the Shire.
// But just because that vain / abstraction empty word, / that erring idol of propriety--/ which was by folk, insane, / as Honor since referred--/ which tyrannizes now society, / mixed hot anxiety / with the happy joy / of loving's faithful band; / nor was its harsh command / known by those souls who liberty employed, / but nature's law of gold / And joy, do what pleases you, was told" [Act One, Scene Two, 320-44]).
Most of these stories are fantastic anachronisms: George II's heir, Frederick, Prince of Wales, becomes King of the American Colonies and so tyrannizes over England that it declares itself independent.
According to Webster's Dictionary (1979), a bully is "a person who hurts, frightens, threatens, or tyrannizes over those who are smaller or weaker"(p.