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As a responsible citizen, tyre industry has been creating awareness on tyre care and safety through several campaigns," added Budhraja.
Which is better, to buy a cheap worn out tyre leading to death or to buy an expensive good quality tyre guaranteeing you total safety,' he said.
The indirect shareholding of BlackRock in Nokian Tyres has increased to 6,934,988 shares, corresponding to 5.
According to estimates, the percentage split is approximately, 55% import, 25% local manufacturing and 20% smuggling, as noted in a report containing analytical data by General Tyre and Rubber Company's marketing department and replacement market.
Jaishankar, general manager, Bridgestone Tyres at Towell Auto Centre, said, 'We are excited to organise such safety campaigns to create awareness on tyre safety and educate consumers on regular tyre maintenance.
Before we talk about autonomous vehicles or electric cars, we should first ensure tyre safety.
Arnold added that buying authentic tyres and knowing how to read the details mentioned on the tyre's sidewalls is key to having safer road trips.
Buying a used tyre with 2mm of tread left is far less economical than buying a Old tyre new tyre with 7mm.
If your tyre has come into contact with a solid object, such as a kerb or pothole, or you have noticed uneven wear on your tyres, your suspension can be disrupted making your wheels sit at improper angles.
When tyres are properly inflated and in good condition, the handling, stability and safety of the vehicle is maximised.
Judging by the number of cars spotted on Cyprus' roads with worn tyres, we could perhaps follow the lead of TyreSafe, the UK's tyre safety charity, which has launched a new awareness campaign aimed at all those who drive with children on board.
VP/BU PLT RE APAC Continental Tyres state, "We are extremely proud and honoured for being chosen as "Preferred Tyre Supplier" by Mercedes Benz India.