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Even when Uber was suspended in 2017, Cayetano and other driver-partners still received compensation from the company.
Two versions of Uber Health will be made available by the company.
Under a settlement announced Friday, Uber said it has agreed to pay $245 million (Dh899 million) in Uber equity to Waymo's parent, Google's Alphabet.
That engineer, Anthony Levandowski, subsequently went to work for Uber, andwas later fired when he declined to answer questions about the theft charges, citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
Since its launch in May 2017, Uber Eats has expanded to one city every month and with the addition of Jaipur and Kochi, the service will be present across 10 cities in India.
Former Uber interns (L-R) Josh Ong, Anna Cua, Bea Bagaforo, Christie Lim, Jared Sarmiento, Camille Ang
Powered by the same global technology that enables riders to travel seamlessly from A to B, Uber Eats is an on-demand food delivery app that partners with more than 80,000 restaurants in 200 cities around the world to bring millions of people the food they want at the tap of a button.
The chilling incident brings renewed attention to how Uber handles passenger safety.
With a $250 upfront deposit, and weekly payments that were deducted directly from Uber earnings, the short-term loans were marketed as an alternative to drivers who would otherwise not have access to a car.
Uber -- which has clashed with local and national regulators in Europe since its launch there six years ago -- had argued it was simply a digital app that acted as an intermediary between drivers and customers looking for a ride and so ought to fall under lighter EU rules for online services.
Uber argues that it's a tech company, not a transportation company - drivers use their own vehicles and Uber's mobile app to book passengers - and thus shouldn't have to get a license to transport passengers.
To extend its support, Uber will be celebrating the Pink Month this October.