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While the geeks out there would surely appreciate its binary coded decimal (BCD) display, I'm sure the Uber-geek would insist on using its raw binary setting.
The uber-geeks who run Facebook may like to believe that the rest of the world will swallow such a mixed message, but they should also be aware that vulnerable lives can be ruined by virtual bullies using the network to cause untold distress to total strangers.
Well, we might as well not have bothered if new research by the same uber-geeks who developed the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva is to be believed.
For example, the uber-geeks who created the Internet built it as a protocol for the movement of bits without discrimination among the bits because they thought that would help fulfill the human need for open information and the human urge to innovate.
With all the other amenities offered employees, I'd be surprised if the 4.3-million-square-foot headquarters didn't slowly evolve into an incestuous tribe of shut-in, hybrid uber-geeks. Why leave the grounds when you can score a free meal before you head to the shop to work on a pedal-powered airplane with a 100' wingspan?
The difference: People knew then that the iPhone would replace their existing cell phone, an appliance that has become a must-have for everyone from uber-geeks to stay-at-home moms.